What would You recomend to a newly single woman? (and me specifically ;) )

kinky girlfriend kinky girlfriend
If you were a newly single woman or would reccomend a few things to a newly single woman..What on EF would you reccomend? Put together a few things for 1 order.

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Ryuson Ryuson
Personally, I really like my Rondo and Harmonia by Close2You! As far as smaller toys go, the Birthstones by Evolved is wonderful! Also, the Seduction by Evolved is cheap and awesome!
Antipova Antipova
When I was going through a separation (distance, not breakup) with my boyfriend, I got the VixSkin Lone Star, which was a really great choice. I recommend choosing one thing you've been lusting after for a long time that's a little outside your normal price range.

Hope you're managing well, KG!
indiglo indiglo
I just got my Je Joue MiMi, and I highly recommend it! Treat yourself to something nice, whatever you do.
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