Anyone tried "medicated wipes" for anal sex clean up?

Bignuf Bignuf
We have used "Wet One's" pop up containers for years on our nightstands for post anal sex "clean up". However, after a rather "intense" session, hubby brought out some "medicated wipes" (50% witch-hazel) wipes. Not the famous Preparation H kind, but the CVS equivalent. It was very soothing on my little butt hole after a two hour session of active lovin'.

Now we are buying and trying different ones. So far Walgreen and CVS are the best. The cloths are bigger, and softer then Preparation H and I like feel better on my tush. I am going to give my guy a "back door workout" this weekend with a new harness and toy I just I will see how he enjoys these wipes, but for now, they have replaced our "Wet One's", at least for anal play. (The Medicated wipes are not antibacterial, so not good for wiping hands or penis, before going from vagina to anus or from anus to mouth...whatever). These Medicated wipes are only for a nice, post anal play clean up OF the rear end...something my hubby always lovingly does for MY little tush (he really loves it).

SO...anyone else use MEDICATED WIPES? (FYI...they come in individual packets, or for economy, a pop up container with like 40 pop up sheets).
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