Anal second chance

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Anal second chance

Istanbull Istanbull
The last time me and the wife had sex, while she rode on top of me I was reaching around and grabbing the biggest hunk of ass I could in one hand. The other I grabbed her waist. Holding on to her I would pound away.

While I'm doing all this I'm deliberatly placing a fingertip on her anus so while I'm moving her body my finger is stimulating her. Normally whenever I try this move she says "leave my butt alone" and pulls my hand away. This last time(which was the first time in over a year) she didn't. She left me have her anally when we first started going out 17 years ago but only twice. She's dead set against it now.

I'm hoping we have sex more regularly in the future(even if it's a very small hope), If we do I hope to continue lightly rimming her anus. I can't help but fantasize about this happening every time from now on, that maybe she's lightening up on the subject. I told myself that if she does let me continue to rub her anus that I should sit her down and beg her for a second chance at anal sex. I admit I only used her vaginal juices for lube(lube wasn't available for a teen living with his mom) I admit that I didn't give her enough time and take things easy. I want to tell her that I admit my mistake and to give things another chance. The girl I was with before her was totally cool with anal so things were much easier. But I was neive in doing it on someone who had never done it before and I know I ruined it for her and myself.

If I ever get that second chance I'd pump a ton of lube on her(I use maximus) and start with my fingers and go from there.
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Good Luck, take it very slow,
I think before you even continue to touch her there more, the talk should happen. Communication is key =) Explain to her what you did here. I think an important thing for some females is to be reasured that anal sex is still a special and intimate experience for their partner, not just a new way to get off. Good luck.
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