Best water based lube?

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Best water based lube?

isisandshiva isisandshiva
Reading around the site it seems that the best lubes for anal sex seem to be silicone, then oil. This would be fine except I need it to be compatible with my siri, so that knocks out silicone(I don't want a stray drop to damage it), and from what I've read oil based can cause some issues with the female parts. So it's knocked down to water based, but most of the reviews say not compatible for anal sex, so at this point I'm at a loss. Any sugestions?
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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Basically you want something thick with the consistency of hair gel for anal sex with a partner. Regular lubes can be used but you will need to reapply more often.

I like Maximus and Anal Lube from Cal Exotics. There are others that work too but I have not tried them.
ScottA ScottA
Water-based works for anal sex, just make sure you get plenty of it and reapply when necessary.

Maximus works well, but note that both of Dwtim's suggestions have parabens, which some people are sensitive to. If you are or might be you'll want to look for something paraben free.

I'm sensitive to several things, and Probe is the first and only one I've tried that doesn't set me off (though there are many other lubes I haven't tried yet).
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