Does Anal Sex hurt?

breezybre breezybre
I've tried anal sex and I cant seem to do it with my partner because it's very painful. What could I use so it wouldn't hurt so much?
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potstickers potstickers
Use lube, go slow, and relax! Thinking that it's going to hurt is a sure way to make it hurt for real.
ScottA ScottA
Check out this forum post - there are others out there, but this was the first one I found.

CaliGirl CaliGirl
Anal is the most pleasurable when done right
Incendiaire Incendiaire
It helps if you can define the type of pain. If it's down to your partner being very well-endowed and thrusting too deep, then you may just have to have him change his technique. If it's another sort of pain then it might just be a case of learning to relax more and doing some practise by yourself.
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