Okay. Please explain. Why be a "size" king or queen?

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Okay. Please explain. Why be a "size" king or queen?

Bignuf Bignuf
I enjoy anal...a lot. Hubby likes me to play back there on him too. We are old timers at this, so we have that down. Feels great.

However, I love small toys. Bigger one's hurt. Thus, unless you are into pain or S&M (and I do realize and respect that some folks here are into that...and that is wonderful for them), but if you are not into that, why would you keep "pushing the envelope" for bigger and bigger size toys?

I don't get it??? Some of these things are like, scary huge!!!!??? Please explain.
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Ansley Ansley
I can't speak for folks who go for it during anal play, but vaginally speaking it feels like an accomplishment in a way. Take something huge and then to be complimented that you still feel "tight" afterwards, it's very erotic.
indiglo indiglo
Also, if your body is prepared and capable of taking bigger objects, it isn't painful at all to take something big. So we might say more accurately... bigger items hurt YOU, but don't hurt EVERYONE in general.

Some folks actually really enjoy that "stretching" feeling... and then the feeling of being really, really "full"... can sometimes lead to thunderous orgasms!
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I agree with Stormy and indigo. When done properly large objects are not painful. I don't get much out of prostate stimulation - but anal stretching and the feel of thrusting are enhanced by size. 1.5" is 'easy' 1.75" is a stretch - 2" is 'full' for me.
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