Tips on relaxing your partner

Does anyone have any tips on how to relax their partner for anal?

I have been interested in trying anal with my girlfriend, but she is hesitate toward the idea, but is open to trying it. Whenever we have tried though she is too tense for anything significant to happen. Any ideas on how to talk her or help her relax and enjoy it?
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Aside from all the threads you can find here about anal sex you can pick up this book, I highly recommend it to anyone with a anus. It will tell you about everything you need to know about anal sex and the anus/rectum in general.
ScottA ScottA
You can't really relax your partner for anal - they need to trust you their body, and be willing to give it a go before you can do anything. If they're interested in anal play start small - show them that they can trust you and that anal play can be fun. Use fingers on the outside with lube during other play, then gentle penetration when they're ready for it. Move slowly from there.
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