Is your partner more into you or him?

meluaz69 meluaz69
What turns your man on most? when you have a better orgasm or when he does? is he more interested in getting you to the best orgasm you can have or more interested in his own?
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solitudinarian solitudinarian
He seems to really like getting me off - it arouses him a lot, and in turn, gets him off.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
He's all about HIM
He likes to make sure I have an amazing orgasm before he does
Geogeo Geogeo
He's more into me having fun.
indiglo indiglo
My man gets more turned on if I have huge orgasms. Sure, he likes to have amazing orgasms too, but my pleasure turns him on more.
Rossie Rossie
Same like indiglo. He believes it's his accomplishment when I have wonderful orgasms.
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