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pixxie87 pixxie87
i used to give my ex head because i also enjoyed pleasing him. and at the same time i would get turned on. i know all guys love getting head. but after giving him head a few times, he would always ask for it. it got annoying because i wasnt always in mood to have dick in my mouth.
so i cut him off. i have a new man and i havent done anything sexual with him
yet. we're still waiting and taking things slow. but we still do talk about sex. and i know he would like if i gave him head, but im afraid to cause im almost positive he's going to always want it even when im not in the mood.
whats the best way to talk to him without making him feel bad. because i know its not fair for him if he never gets it from me just cause of what happened with ex.
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geliebt geliebt
I'm always of the opinion that you just need to be direct and honest. Tell him your past experience, what bothered you about it, and why you don't want it to happen again. There's nothing wrong with not being quite in the mood for any given sexual activity, and you can't be faulted for it really. You just need to sit him down and tell him your concerns.
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