Best way to wake up your partner

Tripod95 Tripod95
WHat is the best way to wake up your man or woman in the morning?
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SexyStuff SexyStuff
Checkmate Checkmate
Rub her back or breasts,,,depends what is available.

The quickest way to wake her up,,grap her by her shoulders and start shaking
idunshire idunshire
DON'T. Let me sleep and get up on my own. I get violently angry when I get woken up.

If I try to wake up the bf he SEEMS to get up- he talks and moves, but is always still asleep and doesn't remember anything. He's recently on a very early schedule so he is up before me anyway and knows enough to leave me alone.
married with children married with children
I like to be worked up with a blow job.
switzerland switzerland
haha i usually just start off rubbing his chest or back and kissing his neck. it always leads to something else though
AndroAngel AndroAngel
Usually he's the one that wakes me up... The only reason he can do it without getting hurt is because I seriously trust him and he's already within my personal space when I fall asleep. The only way he can wake me without me getting mad is when he strokes me and pets me awake. (Sometimes it's groping, sometimes it's just caressing.) I usually fall back asleep after a little making out and petting, though.
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