Do you/Does your man, always come from blow jobs?

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Do you/Does your man, always come from blow jobs?

spiced spiced
I always come from blowjobs unless it's intended as foreplay. It never takes too long, especially when she swings around and sits on my face while she's sucking me!

When I used to give BJs to my best friend, he came every single time, too.
Gdom Gdom
Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
Cosmonaut Cosmonaut
Originally posted by RonLee
Many years ago, my then GF was sucking my cock, and I was getting close. She had previously told me not to cum in her mouth. She could tell that I was close and pulled off and told me that if I did cum in her mouth, she'd bite me. Well she was ...
o.O wth? That sounds mean. Unless you liked that sort of thing.
karenm karenm
I do it until he comes, which sometimes takes a bit longer than I'd like and my mouth gets tired. But he really seems to like it, so I don't mind.

I bet not coming from it is pretty common though. And if I had a partner who was very big (mine's average) then I doubt I would do it for very long.
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