Do You Make Eye Contact During Oral?

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Do You Make Eye Contact During Oral?

I love looking is my man eyes while giving him oral. He loves it and so do I.
Sensual husband Sensual husband
I love it when our eyes meet in the begining of oral sex but during the time of extreme sensation and orgasm I am busy soaking up all of the pleasures she is giving me and she is busy doing well you know.
G-Lo G-Lo
I'll do it occasionally just to make it seem ore intimate and often times it does make it much hotter. love it
Sebmissive Sebmissive
I do it sometimes, but I don't really notice. My eye just kind of wander up to see how he's reacting, and if I catch his eye, then it happens. It's not a big deal.
sbon sbon
I do make eye contact and I like it, but it's not consistent. I look up to check his expressions and he'll look down at me, but it's not continuous throughout the whole thing. That would be kind of awkward.
hive83 hive83
I always do love to see her face when her eyes light up.
Twist Twist
Always...eye contact is important for a blowjob.
Pegglepuss Pegglepuss
I love watching my guy give me oral sex. I love it even more when he looks at me to watch how much I'm enjoying it. There's something really sexy about our eye contact with each other when he's pleasuring me.
Hallmar82 Hallmar82
We do, but only occassionally during a session. It's hot to see the other person's reactions, but difficult to concentrate on what you're doing without stopping to admire
Naughty Student Naughty Student
Originally posted by ScottA
In theory it's nice, but in practice it is difficult, especially for cunnilingus. I've given up on looking her in the eye and instead concentrate on giving her the best experience.

We often do a modified "68" (69 position but ...
Thats nice

My guy doesn't have trouble giving me eye contact, especially if my head is propped up by a pillow. Problem is that I'm not looking down there, I'm way to focused on what he is doing to really look at his grogeous face.
Dusk Dusk
I do it once in a while and my guy loves it! It makes me feel really submissive as well
Kimbertrees Kimbertrees
It just seems awkward to me.
Brand Brand
Always eye top 3 features for a woman is 1. Eyes 2. Hair (long) 3. Breasts.
So I enjoy watching her make filthy looks at me while she is doing something very personal and sexual imho.
Emily! Emily!
When I'm getting oral I don't usually look down because I'm a big "head swinger backer" lol but My guy loooooves it when I look up at him when I do it. I give really porn style blow jobs and get right into it. He loves to watch me suck his dick!!!
lamira lamira
I always make eye contact with my partner during oral. It lets me know how me he is enjoying it and I always give him dirty looks.
Owl Identified Owl Identified
I tend to make eye contact. Not so much for myself, because it's actually kind of difficult to look up (hurts my neck) during the act but because most men I have been with have said eye contact is a big turn on for them. The visual is appealing for a lot of folks, and I know that my partner really loves it.
Emma (Girl With Fire) Emma (Girl With Fire)
I do make eye contact, but usually just glancing up to guage a reaction to a change.
Vally Vally
SexyTabby and bjgodess I completely agree, watching their expression lets me know subtle hints about what my man is experiencing if he is enjoying things a little or a lot and it excites the hell out of me. I can almost have an orgasm off of his excitement with out any stimulation to myself, it completely psyches me out!
Akikaze Akikaze
I just try to sneak peaks. See if he's bored, or still enjoying himself. I've never been confident enough to look at him in the eyes for longer then a few seconds.
Redboxbaby Redboxbaby
It isn't so much the act of making the eye contact as it is the enjoyment of seeing my husband's face and his reaction to what I am doing at the moment and he feels the same way when giving me oral. If we happen to make eye contact it is nice but it is not something that is sought after.
Teaser Teaser
Voted other. As a guy it is sometimes not possible for me to see her eyes because I'm facing the wrong direction in a 69 position (We don't really do 69 because she doesn't like giving me oral, so I don't ask her to. But I LOVE going down on her! ) If I'm turned around the other way, unless her hips are on a pillow, I really can't get a good look at her eyes without getting a real kink in my neck. That and her boobs tend to get in the way.

For the most part though, I LOVE to see her eyes, her face, her whole body as I pleasure her! It is a complete turn on!
Lindz86 Lindz86
Eye contact while giving a man a blow job = hot
Eye contact while a man goes down on me = awkward
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good stimulating visual of actual penetration, but there's just something about the way it looks while a man goes down on you, from that specific angle, that just doesn't do it for me.
leatherlover leatherlover
We both make eye contact during oral.
mllebeauty mllebeauty
I like watching his face and seeing how excited he is. I also know how much it turns him on when I make eye contact so that turns me on even more.
northstar northstar
I often glance up to look into his eyes, usually when I know he's looking down at me for some eye contact. I find oral can be more intimate than sex sometimes so it's definitely quite exciting for us both when we visually connect, especially when I give him the hungry eyes
ellejay ellejay
I love looking into his eyes while I'm giving, but it's difficult to do so for me. I'll look up when I can. On the other side of things, I love when he looks up at me. So so so sexy.
I generally don't. I just like to lose myself in the moment
darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
I do sometimes, though I don't hold eye contact for too long. Just long enough to get a status check and maybe wink at him.
darkkitty darkkitty
Originally posted by ~LaUr3n~
After a bad experience as a teenager, I used to not be able to make eye contact (no they didn't shoot it in my eye lol) during oral. Now I enjoy doing it every once in a while. I am starting this poll more so because I want to see the guys ...
Always make eye contact its sexy!
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
I don't do it all the time, but when I have I did enjoy it!
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