Is Face Sitting a Form of BDSM?

xxSuzakuxx xxSuzakuxx
Is face sitting a form of BDSM?? At first i thought it was just another position for oral but then a few days ago i found some few face sitting videos and saw that they were basically suffocating their partner which threw me off completely.
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Huff Huff
I think it all depends on the intent. If you are using it as just another position for oral then it's just another position for oral. But if you are using it as eg. a form of control, then that would lean towards something more BDSM.
anonymous1298304 anonymous1298304
it can be. even without the breath play part (which would freak me out). it's such a position of control regardless. but for a lot of people it's just a oral sex position. like Huff said, it depends on the intent
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