Facesitting and dominance

Jammin14580 Jammin14580
Girls - do you use facesitting as a dominance thing? Or just for 69, etc.? Has your guy ever done it to you? (rimming, ewww or rimming, YAYY)
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geliebt geliebt
Usually, just a little. I'm really submissive so it's hard for me to feel dominant at all. But it does feel like a dominant position to me, so it's easier to get into the mood that way. I haven't had anyone sit on my face though. Just not something I'm into at all.
K101 K101
Kind of, but only when he let me know earlier that he wanted it. I always am afraid he might not want it when I randomly do things like that so I usually do it after we've mentioned it, then I surprise him! LOL. Not really big on rimming though. Only for a second and I don't mind. Rimming is OK, but can be eew! Lol. I don't care much for it. I've never done it to someone.
Tessa Taboo Tessa Taboo
I hate doing it, actually. I can't get off that way for some reason.
Ghost Ghost
My husband really likes it, but it's not really about dominance for me.
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