Gag reflex

LavenderSkies LavenderSkies
I have a bad gag reflex and sometimes even gag on my toothbrush! So, you can imagine deepthroating is very difficult for me. Are there any techniques I can learn to help with this? I don't think I'm ready for any "numbing" throat sprays just yet. Just techniques. Thank you in advance!!!
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Crystalbabe Crystalbabe
truly its about wanting to do it also it's all about practice! the more you do the more your throat is actually going have a "memory" of whats going on. When your giving your man oral do a little at a time soon you'll be taking a good amount in and he'll be loving it! and if you want to wow him a little sooner then do a solo warm up on your favorite dildo (one that has some flex in it is better!) oh and one other thing you have to WANT it lol I know sounds silly but if your not feeling it, it's just not going to work!
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