Guys, does your lady prefer you get right to her girlie parts with oral, or are licks, kisses enjoyed elsewhere down there? Ladies, what do you prefer?

Bignuf Bignuf
I enjoy my guy kissing my tummy and belly button, inner thighs and licking up and down my legs...sometimes even licking and nibbling my toes, before working his way back up and getting down to real business. Sometimes he will be directly attending my clit and stop cold to kiss and lick my tummy some more, doing the build up and "tease stop"till I cannot stand it and am begging him to keep licking hard and let me cum.

My GF,however, wants her hubby to "get down there and do what he needs to do" and "quit wasting time sucking on stuff that does not make her cum".

SO..we are very different in that way.

How about you?
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