Hair and Oral

Jammin14580 Jammin14580
Are you willing to put up with hair when it comes to oral?

I had an experience with an ex who never shaved or trimmed. I gagged on her hair every time :/
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MrWishyWashy MrWishyWashy
Depends on how hot the person have to make sacrifices in life sometimes!
P'Gell P'Gell
My Man is in his 50s and wouldn't think to shave or trim. It makes no difference to me at all. My Man is fantastic in bed, and I couldn't care less if he has pubic hair or not.
Cherrylane Cherrylane
I dont mind hair on my guy as long as it's not like a jungle safari. I try and be completely smooth for him, though there have been unplanned slip ups that the memory of still bother me.

When I read the title I thought this was going to be about how to keep your hair out of the way while giving oral. My hair always gets in the way so I end up having to put it back in a pony tail which I dont think is that sexy a look )= lol oh well
Moein Moein
My wife shaved frequently, so I don't have such problem. Shaved body is more sexier and attractive as I beleive.
shcoo shcoo
I like both genders to be shaved if I'm doing that..
geliebt geliebt
I STRONGLY prefer no pubic hair at all. Currently, my partner only trims and while it actually hasn't been a problem yet, we'll have to see where it goes.
Ahatmadeofshoes12 Ahatmadeofshoes12
Hair doesn't really bother me. I prefer how it looks actually.
EastCoast36 EastCoast36
Have to admit that I enjoy giving oral more when my wife is trimmed or on the rare occasion she has completely shaved. There have been a couple of times when I wished she was trimmed, but I didn't stop. Also seems she enjoys it more with less hair.
Funtastic Funtastic
Shaved is nice, but the hair does not bother me.
Do emu Do emu
Yeah, they can do whatever they want. It's their body.
funluvinmama funluvinmama
I don't care if he leaves hair on his balls but he has to trim it up so I don't get it in my mouth when I give him a BJ.
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