Lipstick/gloss and BJ's

libra777 libra777
Guys do you find it more appealing when your partner wears a lip gloss/lipstick
during BJ's?
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
YES gloss.
1  (3%)
YES lipstick
3  (9%)
Nothing please
9  (28%)
Doesn't matter
19  (59%)
Total votes: 32
Poll is closed
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js250 js250
My husband likes the visual if I have my lipstick on, but it is not necessary. I put new lipstick on as a nice surprise occasionally.
Huff Huff
A bright lipstick can add a momentary bit of flair to the event but on the whole it doesn't matter much.
- Kira - - Kira -
Voted for my husband who hates when I wear lipstick or lip gloss.
Beck Beck
Mine hates it all. It doesn't matter if it's chapstick. He won't kiss me, share his smoke with me, or allow me to blow him.
Kitka Kitka
I voted nothing because that's what he's used to. I never wear lipstick or lip gloss, let alone during oral.
Nora29714 Nora29714
I voted nothing because that is what my SO would say.
Alyona Alyona
Doesn't matter
libra777 libra777
Interesting answers!

I like to use a gloss.
Hallmar82 Hallmar82
I don't mind gloss but I don't care for lipstick - which my wife doesn't wear that often anyway.
<3BF <3BF
I don't care what my partner has on her lips when they are wrapped around my cock. Lip gloss can be sexy but I probably appreciate it more in porn.
Stagger13 Stagger13
Originally posted by libra777
Guys do you find it more appealing when your partner wears a lip gloss/lipstick
during BJ's?
Does not matter.
Istanbull Istanbull
I find the answers suprising as well. While most men are answering that they don't like their women in gloss/lipstick nor do they wear it, I wish my wife would wear at least lip gloss. I like a small amount of make-up but she's convinced make-up is for "ugly women".
Leather & Lace Leather & Lace
Natural lips with lip balm after.
Luca77 Luca77
I suppose I don't really care. If she's all done up it has to be red lipstick
KinkyNicki92 KinkyNicki92
he doesnt really care..
table38792 table38792
It's definitely not necessary but I admit I like it when she wears some pink lipgloss during a blowjob.
SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
He doesn't care either way, he's more concerned with the actual blowjob.
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