Lock jaw when giving oral?

chantalgiardina chantalgiardina
Ok I need help on this one for real. Recently I have been experiencing "lock jaw" when giving head. I haven't always had this problem but here recently it happens almost every time. My jaw starts to hurt and i try to keep going but it hurts so bad i have to stop. please tell me I'm not the only one and that there is some kind of solution to it...
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Ropey Ropey
I haven't had this happen yet, but I'm sure it will someday. I've read that you should use your hands more, for the balls and shaft, and concentrate your mouth at the head. Certainly don't bob in the same position for 10-15 minutes, but maybe save taking the whole thing in for just a few minutes at the end, it'll be a great tease too!!! . Also be sure you're both in a comfortable position, and try to relax your face as much as possible, stick to lots of gentle locking and teasing!!!
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
This happens to my wife occasionally - she's learned to mix it up with her hands - then when I'm ready to orgasm she goes hands free - I love it!
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