Men, would you date a girl even if she NEVER went down on you?

I think it depends on the relationship.

Been dating a few months, nothing serious? No biggie.

In a committed, loving relationship? You better kiss my every inch and show my body some lovin!

If my partner for some reason had a super strong problem with it, like Idunno they had a horrible experience in the past with it, or they had very bad OCD, I would be more understanding.
Gongsta Gongsta
i would never have a girl do anything she didnt want to do
Supervixen Supervixen
Originally posted by MJ7
I think it depends on the relationship.

Been dating a few months, nothing serious? No biggie.

In a committed, loving relationship? You better kiss my every inch and show my body some lovin!

If my partner for some reason had a ...
I would be understanding too, but I'd bolt. I'm sorry, but relationships are about more than just understanding that someone has been through a bad experience...if it reflects on OUR RELATIONSHIP and gets in the way of US and how we relate to each other, then that effects me too. I have needs, I have desires, I have expectations. I sympathize with people who have been through traumatic shit--and I don't want to be in a relationship with them if they haven't dealt with it yet. I'm sorry if that sounds callous, but I believe that if you have issues, then you need to deal with them and be in some sort of state where you can be okay and not let your traumatic past destroy your current relationship. I firmly believe that if you are too damaged to deal with a new relationship, then you need to fix yourself before you get involved with new people. It's not okay to use your trauma/issues against a new partner who might think the world of you, and keep you around despite your hangups. Eventually those hangups are going to weigh on the relationship. It never turns out well.

You had an awful experience? I'm sorry--how did you deal with it? Are you okay now? No? Then, I'm not interested. I've refrained from relationships when my personal issues could get in the way--it's only fair.

For fuck's sake, I guarantee you people claiming you'd stick with a person who would never go down on you, would resent your partner eventually. It's less about the act and more about the trust, the intimacy, the mutual desire to see each other happy and satisfied. You say now that you'd be fine with it, but within a few years, when the reality of NEVER receiving oral sex without infidelity dawns on you, you realize the larger implications, and kick yourself. Hard.
Zandrock Zandrock
It depends on her reasons. Chances are no. I am quite sexual and I like to be sexual and oral is fun.
hmb12 hmb12
I had a friend whose girlfriend would have him go down on her and she never had sex with him or gave any oral in return. I think it's so selfish to take something and not give back a little. At least TRY! Now they have started dating for a second time and she's much more sexual. Karma is restored!!
Trysexual Trysexual
Generally I would say no, I wouldn't date someone who didn't go down on me. I made one exception, but it was long distance anyway and I think she would have come around to it eventually...but that could be a dealbreaker.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Yep, definitely. I'd rather date someone interesting than someone who'd suck my cock. That said, having someone who'll do both is better.
Istanbull Istanbull
Originally posted by Supervixen actually makes me a bit sad to read this. I wonder how many people are caught in a sexless marriage, feeling frustrated and resentful. I think that it's cruel when a person withholds sex from their partner, especially when that partner ...
I just had a discussion with her on this. After many of you suggested a therapist I finally said it to her. She just asked "Why?".

I'm religious but mine reveares sex and pleasure as a blessing from God. She's a former jahovah and says she subscibes to my religion but sometimes I wonder.

I asked her for a BJ since it is my birthday and she outright refused. I begged and told her that I will still have sex with her afterwards and take care of her, still a No. I press her for an answer why. I figure if it's because she's afraid of me cumming in her mouth we could compromise and have me wear a condom. she will only say "Because I don't like it." and will not give me any specifics. I asked if she feel degraded, she said no. I asked her "Do you even want me?" and she looks sad "Why would you even ask that?" But despite me asking her to just tell me if she does, she still refuses to just say the simple answer I ask, like it's vulgar. What can I possibly conclude but her refusal to tell me she has any desire for me means she really doesn't and feels so bad admitting the truth that she can't even patronize me with a lie.

Often I feel the deepest of love for her, but right now I just feel only deep regret and loneliness. I was her first and I regret it. I can't help but think maybe if she had been with a few other men she would appreciate me more. All I hear is how unsatisfied other women are with their men in bed and here I am wanting to do anything and everything to please her and she can't even so much as say "I want you". If we didn't have children I would be divorced as of right now.
spineyogurt spineyogurt
No, it would mean theres something wrong with her
damnbul12 damnbul12
yes i would
Bex1331 Bex1331
I answered for myself, it's kinda different but I'm cis-female and my partner won't go down on me but I stick around
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
My man made a valid point when I just asked him. He said he started dating me without knowing whether or not I would, and he wouldn't have changed his mind even if I didn't.
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Originally posted by Claire-Bear
Wow! I'm surprised so many guys are cool with it.
i don't know if i believe them.
Jenny Swallows Jenny Swallows
I once dated a guy who told me he knew I was "the one for him" the night I blew him for the first time... Which did make me wonder, if I hadn't done it, would he have wanted to stay together? Sadly I never got round to asking him... I broke up with him a few weeks later.
Silverwinds Silverwinds
Icy says it wouldn't keep him from dating someone, but they'd at least be willing to do other things.
Rokmai Rokmai
It would depend on the reason. If it's just laziness, that might be a problem.

It's not my favorite, though. It would probably only bother me if I knew I would never get it.
SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
I asked my man, he said it depends on what else she will and will not do,...luckily he will never have to make that decision.
karenm karenm
My partner has said he would (he was surprised that I do).
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