My mind goes places

wolf's lil red temptation wolf's lil red temptation
So basic question: does anyone else ever have their mind go places during sex? not just like thinking about your day or lists of things you need to do but actually go somewhere else completely?

This has been a reoccurring thing for me. During sex, no matter how into it I am, my mind goes somewhere else completely even while I am focused and enjoying myself. Not just like I'm following a train of random thoughts but almost like I am seeing a memory or replaying scenes from movies I don't recall seeing ever. I've tried to explain this concept to my fiance but he doesn't seem to understand what I mean and tells me that the only thing he thinks about during sex is sex and how good it feels not much else. And while I do think about sex during sex and enjoy it completely (multiple orgasms almost everytime), my mind continues to go. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I have constantly vivid dreams and day dream quite a bit and also have a fairly creative imagination or if I really am just crazy. An example of something I 'see' during sex is either a cabin surrounded by mtns with a river and lots of trees with something happening in that area (I know it sounds soo cheesy) or wild animals running through the woods being chased. I know these sound vague but it is hard to recall them after a while, since I am not sure what exactly it is because they lose out to the overall sensation in the end.

So I am just curious, has anyone else had/ is having similar experiences to what I've described? If you think I'm crazy it's fine, I am pretty sure my fiance thinks the same thing too but since the sex is great, he won't complain too much.
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Persephone's Addiction Persephone's Addiction
Well, I don't think it makes you crazy - but it doesn't happen to me! My mind definitely goes somewhere, but it's more like an alternate sex plane than it is a visualization of nature scenes.
I don't have coherent thoughts during sex at all. Unless something goes numb and I need to change positions! (Doggy style, my wrists start to ache and sometimes my fingers go numb. lol)
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