Staying on target.

jg19 jg19
I thoroughly enjoy going down on my wife. I have no problem finding the spots she enjoys me licking. My problem is staying on target. Often ill find a "hotspot' and ill adjust the direction or speed im licking and ill notice she is enjoying it quite a bit so ill stay there and as im trying ill find that i just cant keep up the rhythm and i will try and change pace so i can recover a little but she has informed that i should have kept going numerous times. Any tips on how i could have performed better ?
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El-Jaro El-Jaro
That's a toughy!

I tell my partner that grabbing the sides of my head and directing me is prolly the best way of her getting what she likes.
northstar northstar
It is certainly tiring! I would suggest using your hands to stimulate also, and if it's difficult to keep it going for a long time, using a vibrator on her might work wonders (maybe a bullet or something to start off with)
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