Does it matter if she swallows?

Minamie Minamie
Originally posted by Diablotin
My wife does swallow when she is in the mood. I find it exciting, but it is not essential to our sex life.

Lately she has been more and more into it...
If you like it, I like it.
It's not a taste I really like, but when I see how much pleasure you get, well...
Bonesdance Bonesdance
My wife used to swallow, but after a few months she admitted that she was only doing it to keep me happy, and really hated it. Since then my cum has generally stayed out of her mouth, which is a huge bummer for me but not something I'm going to make a major issue out of.
Thong man Thong man
I would prefer she swallow rather than spit. If she is not going to swallow, I would rather she not let me go in her mouth.
Pete's Princess Pete's Princess
I have always swallowed with my husband, but rarely did with my ex. It doesn't matter if most men like or don't like you to swallow, it matters what your current lover likes. If it is a big deal to him and you have trouble doing it, you may want to swallow as he cums instead of holding it in your mouth. Smaller amounts in the heat of passion are easier than one big bunch at the end. Also, the taste can depend on what he eats and what medications/vitamins/h erbs he takes. If the taste is unpleasant to you, a few changes in these things can help.
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