What do you do about a silent guy?

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What do you do about a silent guy?

Eve7 Eve7
I've been with my boyfriend for five years and we have a high level of trust, especially when it comes to sex. But for some reason, he will not let me finish him orally or make any noise at all.

He says that he enjoys oral, and he asks me for it, so it isn't that he doesn't want to. But he's silent throughout, won't tell me what he wants, and about a minute in just ends up pulling right out without warning and finishing himself.

He says he doesn't know why he does it, but I'm getting sick of going down on him because of it.

Help, please!
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Ghost Ghost
Some people just aren't noisy. I am one of those people. I don't make noise during sex and I don't usually talk or say anything unless I absolutely have to.

If he doesn't know why he does it, maybe he really doesn't know. If it annoys you that much, then just stop giving him head? Or maybe, force him to actually put some thought into an answer rather than copping out with his "I don't know"?
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