Would you taste it for your girl? ladies and gent voting

Jaybird Jaybird
Would I prefer to taste my own? Noo. Would I do it for her though? Yeah.
humblepie humblepie
He's tried it. Sometimes I jokingly try to get him to taste it (usually by trying to kiss him once he's come in my mouth), but if he notices he'll push me away. He doesn't get upset, just doesn't think it tastes great either. It's funny but not something either of us really enjoy.
gorgeous gorgeous
Originally posted by NaughtyNikki420
So many men love getting oral and likes the girl to swallow.
As the girl, I occasionally swallow. I do not like the after taste and the feeling in my throat. In the past, I once got irritated with a guy who always wanted me to swallow.
So, I ...
My guy loves to kiss me afterwards, but I'm never spit it in his mouth.
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