Bedroom Shoes, or Street Shoes, if you "can leave your shoes on"?

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Bedroom Shoes, or Street Shoes, if you "can leave your shoes on"?

Bignuf Bignuf
We noticed in some other posts that "sexy shoes" (high heels, etc) are still "IN" with some lingerie (and sometimes without it too!), but IF you are one who wears "sexy shoes" when having sex play, do you have shoes JUST for that (shoes that NEVER leave the house), or do you wear "outside" shoes that have been worn in public? If so, do you clean them, somehow before bringing them into your bed?

Really wondering about that one.
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Ghost Ghost
I don't allow shoes anywhere near the bed.
Naughty Student Naughty Student
If I wear shoes with an outfit it will be shoes that I have already worn out in public.

If I am wearing shoes in the bedroom we are more likely to have standing doggy style. If we move things onto the bed, either I slip them off, or my man takes them off for me.

I have been considering getting very sexy high heels for "bedroom activities" only.
indiglo indiglo
I will wear shoes with my lingerie while modeling the lingerie for my man, and those are regular, sexy street shoes. But I slip them off when we get down to business. I see some women in porn wearing really high, spiked heels - I'd be afraid of skewering my man with them! I'm really good at walking in heels and all, but I would seriously be afraid of stabbing him!
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