Do you like a vocal partner?

Zandrock Zandrock
Do you like when you partner is very vocal during sex? Do you wish your current parent was more or less vocal?
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Woman China Woman China

Can I make that a little bigger and louder please?????
Geogeo Geogeo
I like vocal but not excessive.
Bex1331 Bex1331
Yes, I love to hear it all, dirty talk, moans, whatever
puppylove puppylove
I'd like a little vocal, I am vocal, my partner is silent, I wish he was a bit more vocal so I could at least know I'm doing a good job lol. Vocal is just not him.
solitudinarian solitudinarian
Yes, dirty talk and moans! My partner is pretty vocal (for a male) when I'm giving him head and during sex, but when I'm flogging/spanking/cani ng him he is SO QUIET.

I need someone who likes a lot of moaning and such because I'm pretty loud
Voir Voir
Yes... omg I love partners who make noises and talk to me... but none that I've been with have been very vocal. They would repeat the same handful of words but I never knew if they really enjoyed what I'd do because they never made any noises...I love noises ;-; so much... groans, moans etc. I want to hear them B| not just, silence... that's so boring...
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