Do you 'Make Love'?

PeppermintPatty PeppermintPatty
Do you and your partner make Love? When i say make love , I mean with music candles and the soft sweet caresses? I have been married almost a year and we have never ever even had sex with the music playing. Our anniversary is coming up fast and I want to create the hotel room with candles and rose petals all over. I want to show him that sex is sweet and soft, even with the ocaasional "YOU DIRTY BITCH" thrown in lol.

So are into the romantic side of sex or do you just like to fuck?
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spunkmonkey spunkmonkey
Yes, almost every time we have sex.
Geogeo Geogeo
Gosh no, I never do that. I'm not into the romantic, soft stuff.
indiglo indiglo
To me, making love is about having loving sex with my partner whom I love. It doesn't have anything to do with candles, music, rose petals or bubble baths. We make love regularly (sometimes we just fuck too) but that other stuff, to me, is just too much work to do on a regular basis. I'd be afraid of letting the candle burn too long anyway - sometimes we both completely pass out after a good sack session.
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