Does your home have an adult playroom?

PassionQT PassionQT
Hubby and I were discussing how we would love to have a private room in our next house for playtime or when we had guests over. I recall one documentary I saw years ago where this couple had built a small door in a wall of their home which lead in to a black room where they kept everything. It was fascinating and so secretive too!

We decided if we could do it, we'd have a bed, a swing, an armoire full of toys, and a small refridgerator.

Do any of you have a room/dungeon in your home? If yes, what is in it?
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My home has a dedicated adult playroom.
1  (11%)
My home does not have one, but I'd like one!
7  (78%)
What's the point? I use the entire house!
1  (11%)
Total votes: 9
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