Have you ever...

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Have you ever...

Screen Door Screen Door
found your parent's sexual items? I have been on a visit to my parent's new house, and recently found some of their toys in the bathroom. Has anything like this ever happened to you?
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Screen Door , froggiemoma , darthkitt3n , Kkay , Ryuson , Kayla , Dawn (Lilac Distraction) , One of Five , Ansley , Sohotdinosaur , jaynhunnyg , bayosgirl , frisky069 , Elnoa , Wildchild , KinkBiLove , Ava5 , eggiweg , lucymalfoy , Peggi , IslandGoddess , Ninja Bunny , Menarae , Sir , Liz x420x , Bignuf , slynch , Silverdrop , Yaoi Pervette (deleted) , PuddlePuppy , Anonymous.Brunette , JRabbits , JessCee , jay28 , SparklingReviews , XYCopperheadSly , WierdAl , BeautifulDarkness , - Kira - , SilverIsis , js250 , Miss Nessa , wetone123 , Lucky21 , ss143 , domsub1993 , Hallmar82 , -BillD , Choolz , lezergirl , Beck , Kitka , samopayn , Airen Wolf , Subbi , caligaliber , Sublime , Mwar , Istanbull , Bex1331 , PropertyOfPotter , dks210 , Lickable Lollie , Tork48309 , Daemonin , mpfm , Lildrummrgurl7 , Lucifer the Cat , junipersgame , insomniac9 , kittyloveswahwah , RoseIsSoPretty , damnbul12 , TiffyPixie , GirlOnGirl , Gone (LD29) , sexynola , katat , Missmarc , Gleb , comatose-kitty , Gluesnffr , LexiKitten , MrWood
84  (47%)
Oh my, NO!
tickle me pink , toysforall , ZenaidaMacroura , indiglo , ~LaUr3n~ , Eva Schwaltz , Pink Jewel , Mistress Mandy , CoffeeCup , The Curious Couple , Sunshineamine , Shellz31 , haley730 , cheetahpita , dawnkye , Starkiller87 , shySEXXaddict , mcl272 , ellejay , ThoughtsAblaze , ijako9 , Checkmate , SexyTabby , LikeSunshineDust , Valentinka , Neurogasm , potstickers , LAndJ , mudpie , 0letitgrow , MrWishyWashy , Trishcuit629 , SMichelle , (k)InkyIvy , DreamWolf , Miss Naughty Kitty , shcoo , Vadim50 , ejrbrndps , TransMarc , x203 , theavocadopit , michael scofield , Trysexual , novanilla , Zandrock , lineswecast , DoneWithAlltheLies , EdenUser , gabyduffy , BrittaniMaree , bratcat , Hummingbird , padmeamidala , jake0530 , Qozt , karenm , bronzelotus , LoganAshlee. , souviet , Martiniman , Gdom , KinkyNicki92
63  (35%)
I hope I never do...
mama2007 , Halfthere , EvilHomer , married with children , Diabolical Kitty , crazybat , [Red] , Keegski , That Man from Mars , kokopelli , wrecklesswords , aimtoplease , JaneDoe ToyCollector , MaryExy , Sex'и'Violence , Jobo , Nazaress , xOhxSoxScandalousx , Undead , Deeder , roskat , kkross65 , BurntToast , amazon , Scrawberry78 , bbygrl1988 , SadoMas , lovebites , sodapin , Noelle , LittleMissMeow
31  (17%)
Total votes: 178
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toysforall toysforall
Definitely hasn't happened to me. I wouldn't know what to do!
froggiemoma froggiemoma
yes, found a vibrator in my mothers room before....yea akward.
Kkay Kkay
Have found my mother's dildo before.
Ryuson Ryuson
My mum hides something that looks suspiciously like a Hitachi wand under her bed...
Kayla Kayla
I've seen my parents toys before. They don't really hide them. I honestly have to avoid the urge to buy them nice toys like LELO or Fleshlights. I'd love to do it, but the questions "How did you get this on a college student budget???" would lead to unwanted questions.
indiglo indiglo
I voted no. I've never found sex toys, but I did accidentally see stained sheets of theirs once. I mean, I don't want to think about them having sex or anything, but it's nice to know that they still do - if that makes sense? I hope when I'm their age, and once I've been with my man as long as they've been together that I'm still having sex too!
~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
My parents don't have sex and don't have toys.
Ansley Ansley
Yeah, but it's not like it was scandalous. She's an adult and can do whatever she wants. We've never talked about it.
One of Five One of Five
been in this situation......

visited my parents for a week and was looking for my birth certificate in the file cabinet and came across a pretty nice purple vibrator. why they stuck it there??? don't know, don't care... don't want to think of my mom having sex.
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
No, my mother has no interest in sex toys, but she's seen a couple of things that I accidentally left out when I was cleaning.
Paladin Fantasys Paladin Fantasys
I can't imagine my parents ever using toys. We were afraid my dad would give himself a heart attack getting angry when tv commercials began to feature people dancing suggestively in skin tight clothing..."Why, that's just as porno as anything!"

My wife's mother was very open with her and toys certainly weren't a part of her parent's lives.

Maybe our kids who are in their twenties can't imagine us using toys. Until a few months ago, toys weren't a part of our lives.
Mistress Mandy Mistress Mandy
I don't even think my parents have sex anymore to be honest, and I know they wouldn't approve of toys. My husband's parents on the other hand...well him and one of his friends once found a "hand" in one of their drawers, the fingers in a beak/fisting kind. I think they were traumatized! After that they stopped snooping. Haha!
jaynhunnyg jaynhunnyg
I found my fathers porno collection at an early age 5 or 6, then about 14 or 15 I found this thing not sure if it was a dildo or almost condom made out of silicone but it was freaky. I knowafter I found the porno collection I could not stop beating off so I was real good at getting myself off by the time I got with a girl. Not much on anything else but she was a good teacher and I a good student.
The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
I've never found anything like that, and I hope I never!
married with children married with children
I dont think my parents have every had sex.

but no, have not ever ran across their toys.
Elnoa Elnoa
Yes.. I found my mom's ex boyfriend's naked picture of my mom when I was 13.
bayosgirl bayosgirl
OMG. My parents have an entire SHELF in their bathroom devoted to sex stuff-lubricant, ahem, 'enhancement' products for my dad...fortunately no toys (they're not the most hygienic of people I'm sorry to say) but it was very disturbing for me to find. Also, when I was younger I found a condom in their nightstand drawer. I guess they no longer need THAT now that my mom has gone through menapause...
frisky069 frisky069
Originally posted by Screen Door
found your parent's sexual items? I have been on a visit to my parent's new house, and recently found some of their toys in the bathroom. Has anything like this ever happened to you?
yes, i have! ahh
Sunshineamine Sunshineamine
I said no but I was at my parent's house and my Dad told me to grab something out of the bathroom. Saw his bottle of Viagra. At first I was like eww but then I thought about it and was like hell yea good for my rents. I hope i continue to enjoy and embrace sex in my fifties too.
Shellz31 Shellz31
No I have never come across any toys owned by family members. But it wouldn't really worry me if I did.
Wildchild Wildchild
Walked intomy mother in law's bath and found her g-spot vibe, a polaroid and some pics. The rest of the day I was as red as a lobster.
KinkBiLove KinkBiLove
when i lived with my grandfather , i found one of their vibrating dildos. it was so upsetting.
Ava5 Ava5
yeah I found condoms of my grandparents once when I was little. I looked at my grandma with a confused face, I didn't even know what they were. But she assumed I did and said "what? just because we are old you dont think we have sex?" And then I kinda got it and felt really uncomfortable. I found my mom's dildo once. Also both my grandparents and parents were pretty open with porn... it was always laying out in the open. Like Hustler and playboy in the bathrooms, leaving videos outs or in the VCR.
haley730 haley730
Nope, I am THANKFUL I have not yet, and hopefully I never do!
crazybat crazybat
Nope, i've never found or seen any of my mothers stuff and really hope i never do if she does own any. It's bad enough knowing that she has sex at all.
lucymalfoy lucymalfoy
Just a passion party order that was unopened, but it was still on the bookshelf.
IslandGoddess IslandGoddess
Not my parents but my aunt...I found a dildo in her room! I was like OMG...It was a realistic looking one
Illusional Illusional
I've seen my mom's. She's not super okay with me writing reviews, but since I've done she's gotten used to it. Now I've told her about the beauty of silicone and she's even placed a few orders here. It doesn't bother me as long as I never catch her.
She's my mom, I want her to be happy.
Plus I love EF so much! I gotta tell someone besides my boyfriend, right? LOL
ParisLove ParisLove
Oh gosh no!! never !! that would scar me for life!
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