How to Increase Sex Drive?

Dusk Dusk
Does anyone have any suggestions or stories on how to increase a woman's sex drive? I find myself often turning down sex because I'm tired, grumpy, or I just don't feel like it. I've tried scheduling sex but then I feel like I have to do it and I get brought back to the days when I was in an abusive relationship and constantly being pressured into sexual acts I didn't particularly feel excited about.
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married with children married with children
I do not know, but if you find a way please let me know. My wife has the same problem.
Jul!a Jul!a
I'm not sure if it's possible for you to do or not, but sometimes what works for me is to be mentally stimulated on and off during the day, usually by reading some erotica. Again, I'm not sure if that's something you can do, but it works sometimes.

Sometimes you just have to go for it, and you'll start enjoying it. That's more appropriate for those times when while you're not exactly in the mood, you're not not in the mood either. If you're more neutral about it. Open yourself up to foreplay and pleasure. It's not a foolproof plan by any means, but it's a start. Best of luck Dusk, and if you find anything, be sure to share because I'd love to know too!
indiglo indiglo
Regular exercise helps a lot, trying to keep a healthy diet and getting enough sleep. Especially if you feel too tired for sex, regular exercise releases all those lovely endorphins and can really help you to just feel better in general. The other thing is to look into hormonal imbalances you may be dealing with, or any other health issue that may be holding you back (depression, etc). Best wishes!
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