Is tickling a part of your foreplay

Zandrock Zandrock
My girlfriend loves to tickle me. And it is even a part of our foreplay.
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Huff Huff
Definitely not. I'm extremely ticklish. I'd much prefer a spanking.
LoooveMonkey LoooveMonkey
No way! I hate being tickled. lol
Beautiful-Disaster Beautiful-Disaster
No, I hate being tickled. ...worst feeling everrrrr
cj89 cj89
its a bit of a turn on, but it isnt something we discussed. it seems like when she puts her hands on me i start to get sensitive to anything, and the close proximity of my stomach area to anything below the belt kinda leaves it open for your imagination.
Jesyra Jesyra
Not a turn on for me. Mostly it just makes me want to smack the person doing it.
Bethy Cassatt Bethy Cassatt
It has slowly become a part of our foreplay/playing around regimine. I've slowly given in to it, but since I don't protest as much, he doesn't try as much. Especially since I've figured out how to tickle him back. Just a little brush tickle every now and then.
puglove puglove
Tickling really isn't a part of our foreplay. Every once in a while it may happen but not all the time.
Cat E. Cat E.
No, I'm not into tickling or being tickled.
mpfm mpfm
I'm very ticklish and don't like it. We don't engage in tickle play.
novanilla novanilla
Occasionally! We're both really ticklish.
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