Bignuf Bignuf
Girls, what part of the body is it okay for your guy to nibble (not bite..not hurt..just nibble. Using teeth..gently?

Guys? Same question. Where can girls nibble on you?
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LilyLust LilyLust
neck nipples.....i dont know. i suppose in the heat of the moment just about anywhere. He bit my ass once.
indiglo indiglo
He can nibble me everywhere and anywhere! Except maybe some really ticklish spots, like my armpits or the bottoms of my feet. But if he's careful how he does it (so it doesn't tickle much), he can nibble me there too.
Akira Akira
I'd have to say neck!
ac0313 ac0313
I'm a guy and my SO can nibble anywhere on me...she can and has even bit me on my neck, shoulder, back, upper arm, and chest... We like to bite eachother, actually!
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