Question for Ladies in a sexual relationship with a male

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Question for Ladies in a sexual relationship with a male

ijako9 ijako9

You're out lets just say shopping and your man is at home. You get home and put all your stuff down take off your shoes off and are just settling in when your man comes in and grabs you and says he's super horny and it going to have his way with you. Let's say you're in the mood and excited he's playing a dominate roll and you have no problem with this. Than he bends you over and instead of taking off your bottoms off, he literally rips them open at the crotch and starts doing it doggy style through the hole he's made.
So my question is are you A) super pissed because now you have to purchase new pants and can't enjoy the sex? Or B) totally turned on and will gladly be buying three more pairs of bottoms like these in hopes this will happen more often?
I'm sure some of you are asking yourself well how expensive are the bottoms? So for the sake of the question lets say they're an average price for what you would normally spend on bottoms (I think it goes without saying these can't be jeans because those are a little hard to rip open) and they're not your favorite but you do like them.
I didn't create a poll because there are many more answers to this question than the 2 I posed so feel free to be creative with your response
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Ghost Ghost
1) I don't do dominant men.
2) I wouldn't BE turned on.
3) If someone assaulted me in that way, I'd be angry and there would be a castration right around the bend.
JDear JDear
Yeah I think I'd be super pissed. I don't mind it when a guy is just a little rough or demanding but with me that would be going too far. No need to ruin clothing to have a little fun. Crotchless panties might be a good alternative to the fantasy.
toxie m toxie m
I would not be happy. I tend to like my clothing whole, and destroying my things is not the way to turn me on. For me, it would be a much sexier kind of domination if he ordered me to strip rather than literally tore my clothes off.
AndroAngel AndroAngel
I'd be upset, unless I'd made it clear in advance that it was okay to destroy that particular pair of pants. Most of the pants I have can't be easily replaced, because I thrift for designer brands. I might have only paid $3-5 for them, but that doesn't make them not $100 pants... And we never spring domination scenes on each other, I react badly when manhandled by surprise. (I kick hard, too.)

Now, if we'd discussed it in advance and I knew it would happen some time in a certain window of time (say 1 week) and I knew to wear pants I didn't care about, it would probably be the hottest thing ever.
Envy Envy
I wouldn't be happy. I can't get the horny that fast plus i am frugal as hell with my clothing, anything gets ripped I get pissed off.
Ryuson Ryuson
I don't ware pants because I can never fins any that fit right, but when I do find pants that fit well I treasure them
- Kira - - Kira -
All of my pants are expensive and I would be SUPER pissed if my husband did this. I like to be dominated, but I don't like my stuff ruined in the process.
Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
That simply wouldn't happen because I take my boys as submissive as submissive can get.

If I were a different type of person though, I probably wouldn't care as long as they could be replaced.
jedent jedent
personally i don't treasure belongings more than awesome holy shit sex.
Pixel Pixel
I currently only own three pairs of pants, so if either of my men did that, I'd be plenty pissed. I have a drawer of clothes (tops, shorts, etc) that I thrift shopped for that I have *no* problems if they are destroyed during rough play, but having that sprung on me? Hell no. Plus, I tend to react violently if suprised like that.
js250 js250
Hell no! I would be so pissed. I don't have money to spare and value the items I do have. Not a good deal!!!
indiglo indiglo
Well, my man would never do that (thank goodness), BUT if someone did do that, yes I'd be angry as well. Ripping buttons off a shirt is one thing (VERY annoying, but at least the damage can be repaired), but actually ripping some pants? No thank you! I would not be happy at all.
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