Sex and Thin Walls

Bethy Cassatt Bethy Cassatt
Does your living conditions restrict you from being a banshee? Tell any stories about the sound distribution in your home and how it's affected you.

To start it off, my boyfriend's apartment leads a lot to be desired. I can tell who is getting laid at any time. It's past embarrassing and entered the land of interesting.
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LittleA LittleA
My living situation is a lot better than it was, before my bedroom was right next to my neighbors living room, and it got back to me that she was telling people I work with that I had load rough sex.

The most recent incident in my new house was kind of funny though, my boyfriend came by after the guy I rent to (a floor down on the opposite side of the house) went to bed, and the renter had no idea he was there the night before and asked me if I had been doing laundry the night before because his bed had been shaking.... I just said yes, yes I was doing laundry.
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