Can you swallow this?

Contributor: iliketoys121 iliketoys121
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can you swallow this kind of lube or should i spit it out?
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Contributor: Bleu Bleu's flavored so I am guessing they meant it to be swallowed in small amounts but because of some of the ingredients, I wouldn't even put this stuff near my no nos. Tetrasodium EDTA, Methylparaben, and Imidizolidinyl Urea aren't really the safest ingredients but it shouldn't kill you. Sliquid has a flavored lube line (sliquid swirl) which is 10000x safer than this stuff.
Contributor: kabtashe07 kabtashe07
Originally posted by iliketoys121
can you swallow this kind of lube or should i spit it out?
yes you can, just dont go over board