No experience with a man who's uncut...

CaseyDeuce CaseyDeuce
I have absolutely NO experience with uncircumcised penises... Although I've spoken with my new guy about it (since he's au naturel), we haven't had any sort of playtime at all, and I'm a bit nervous that I'm not going to do the right things. Any advice?
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Lickable Lollie Lickable Lollie
My guy is uncircumcised and to me it's no different. I don't THINK I do anything wrong... lol
RonLee RonLee
The times in the past when I've had the opportunity to play with an uncut guy were very nice. I'm circumcised and wish that it had not been done.
All else being equal I'd prefer natural verse circumcised.
fireholly99 fireholly99
Can't you just ask him if what you're doing feels good while you get used to it, like you should be doing anyway?
The Vixen The Vixen
I've been in long relationships with both circumcised and uncircumcised guys and I didn't treat them any different from each other. You shouldn't have to do anything special or different, when they're hard they're close to the same anyways.
indiglo indiglo
It's all pretty much the same. The thing with an intact penis is that you have a little bit more to play with. Good communication with your partner about what feels pleasurable will go a long way!
Chilipepper Chilipepper
It's all been said - it's not much different. Keep the lines of communication open on what works or not. You'll soon figure out that playing with an extra 50,000 nerve endings is very rewarding.
Sugarfina Sugarfina
Good luck to you both. I understand your concern. Maybe you could just experiment first.
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