Using food

NorthBayLady NorthBayLady
Have you or will you ever use food during sex?
Apr 21, 2:19 pm
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edeneve edeneve
yup & will continue to. very fun.
Apr 22, 5:53 pm
dv8 dv8
Only if I stop being banned from buffets.
Apr 23, 2:20 am
guard083 guard083
We have a little and to me it makes things more interesting. I have some other things I would like to try but haven't done yet. Some people like the idea of dessert like chocolate, whipped cream, and other things. I think it is a lot of fun.
Aug 14, 8:01 pm
toysforall toysforall
Yep, things like chocolate, whipped cream, etc. In fact we just had a chocolate seek and find last night!
Sep 22, 9:13 pm
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