Age and the g spot...

Badass Badass
When I was younger I never could quite get off from just penetration, but as I've gotten older I have noticed it is much easier for me.

Anyone else?
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I'd say my wife has experienced this - but even when having an orgasm during penetration - she has to find a way to get adequate clitoral involvement. Maybe it takes a while to get the hang of the right positions and movement to get the proper balance.

It was only after my wife finally got comfortable with being on top - Cowgirl style that she got really good at orgasm during intercourse.
js250 js250
You know what they say, "Practice makes perfect..orgasms!!" I noticed that once I hit about 30-32 I became VERY responsive to internal stimulation. It does get better with age, for me anyways.
PeachieClean PeachieClean
I'd say I'm still pretty young, but with a partner I can manage it just fine. If I'm masturbating though, penetration doesn't really do much for me. I wonder why that is?
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