Have You Ever Squirted?

SMichelle SMichelle
Yes, once... Interestingly, though, I squirted, but no orgasm, that time...

It was..weird.
JDear JDear
I started to recently. I always really wanted to and would try. One night it happened without even thinking about it and I've been able to since.
Hummingbird Hummingbird
Not sure, still trying to stimulate my G when I want that type of O. An X spot O is much easier as is the A.
Miss.Monster518 Miss.Monster518
Never squirted but i would very much like to train myself to do that.
cgartman1989 cgartman1989
no but i would like to learn how
summernights summernights
Never, I wish I could though!
Beautiful-Disaster Beautiful-Disaster
Only once.
Nympho88 Nympho88
I can make myself do it! But I have never had a guy make me squirt!! And believe me it takes time and practice to learn how to do it.... You have to know you body very very well.....
MK434 MK434
I got the Smart wand by Lelo recently so I was in my swing while my husband was rubbing me with the wand and using a rabbit vibe for insertion, for the first ever I squirted. It has happened a few times now!
mandaj mandaj
i have squirted but only when we are playing with a toy with my clit, i would like to squirt when he fingers me. but he never has hit my g-spot
I can feel the extra liquid expelling during orgasm, but it's doesn't actually "squirt" out all over. Unfortunately, he's gotten a face full a time or two.
nikki0668 nikki0668
Yes, many times
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