Penetrating your man!

CharlieBrown CharlieBrown
Ladies what positions are the most comfortable for penetrating your husband or boyfriend? What are some good techniques to achieveing an enjoyable pegging session for him and also for you?
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stlouisxxx stlouisxxx
My girlfriend says her fav position is doggy style. She has the ability to grab my hips for thrusting help, grab my butt, and stroke me. Take your time, use plenty of lube, after you insert hold still for a while and let him back into you when he is ready to take more
Pegaholics Pegaholics
Using the pleasure swing is fun. But also angling his ass up at the edge of the bed is perfect for thrusting.
Crichton Crichton
We've tried missionary, which he prefers, and doggy style. We've also tried with hm on top, but he didn't like that one as much. I prefer doggy style because of the control and thrusting capability.

Like it was said before, use lots of lube, take your time and let him take his time to get used to it. Let him call the shots, it is his asshole after all.
Boobs and Lubes Boobs and Lubes
We like em all!
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