Who brought up the idea of prostate massage you or your partner?

0letitgrow 0letitgrow
... AND how dd they bring it up?

Verbally? or manually?
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stlouisxxx stlouisxxx
My girlfriend had brought it up. Verbally 1st a year or so ago, but nothing came about it, then 1 day she wanted me to take a bath & as she was giving me a bj her finger slid in and worked my prostate. Since then she has done it in the shower, & in bed. Not an everyday occurrence, maybe once a month or two. But always pleasurable & welcomed.
Eliyahu Eliyahu
My wife brought it up, verbally and then manually the first time we tried it. I don't remember when she first told me she wanted to try it, but it's something she'd always wanted to do. I had a bad experience in the past with someone pulling a surprise unlubed finger-in-the-ass on me, so I was pretty reluctant to try anything but having my asshole tongued. Anyways, one night when I was particularly uninhibited, she slowly worked up to a finger prostate massage, which was pretty amazing.
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