Clothing, Gender and Sex

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Clothing, Gender and Sex

fizzygato fizzygato
I almost always buy clothes that is marketed toward ~men~~

I do go through periods, though, where I switch to mostly buying clothing marketed toward women, if I feel like I like the fit better, but I feel like when I look at my closet at my mostly-worn clothes it's "men's" clothes, or neutral.

Neutral in the sense that it was free.

My sister always makes fun of me for wearing lots of free clothes (like shirts from events around campus), and says I should be on What Not to Wear for it
bog bog
Originally posted by kawigrl
do you wear clothing of the opposite sex?
Sometimes, I feel like Im crossdressing if I wear clothes meant for people with my genitalia.
Pastafariette Pastafariette
Most of the clothes that I own are men's, but I do like to wear women's clothes every once in a while.
Asher Asher
Im trans and feel like wearing girls clothes is dressing in drag because I have been wearing mens clothes for so long
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I'm a woman (pansexual, kinda wish you had that up there XD; ) And I can wear my husband's clothing. Mainly his shirts and jeans (which actually stay up better than mine!)
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