What gender have you been in a relationship with most?

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What gender have you been in a relationship with most?

Kitka Kitka
I'm female and only been in relationships with men so far. Had some fun with some ladies a few times but no relationships with them.
Peggi Peggi
I've been with more men than women, but almost all of the men were very feminine and/or sensitive.
-BillD -BillD
I've been with more women than men, but my relationships with men have always been better.
PussyPurr PussyPurr
Female, pan, and been with mostly men, primarily because of life circumstances. My partner has no objection to my finding a girlfriend, however. I miss being with a woman :-(
Illumin8 Illumin8
I'm male, and only with female.
AmberM AmberM
I am a female and have dated somewhere around 7 men in my 19 years, but have only been intimate with one, my fiancee. Though I've been with a few women.
babyninz babyninz
Originally posted by Avalee
What gender have you been in a relationship with most?
always been curious but dont have the guts nor attracted to the same sex
DeeDaw DeeDaw
Originally posted by Trashley
I've got a good serious relationship balance, but I date men much more casually. And screw them over a whole lot more.. they're just so fun to play with! :X
Lol. That's awesome.
DeeDaw DeeDaw
Originally posted by Midway through
I've mostly been in relationships with boys. But honestly, I'm really into this one guy who is post-op and is now a girl. I'm beginning to swing harder towards girls lately.
Wow. That's awesome. Did you like girls before that or did that kinda change your mind about them?
eroticmutt eroticmutt
Originally posted by Avalee
What gender have you been in a relationship with most?
female with males
JGrey JGrey
I am female, i had more boyfriends then girlfriends.
pleasurehunter pleasurehunter
i identify as bi but ive never found it appealing to date the same sex
starklover starklover
PassionCpl PassionCpl
We're a couple but I've voted as me - female with mostly men.
lalapetitee lalapetitee
I have a gf. But I have date mostly men.
Tangerine Tangerine
Alot of quick non attached relationships with guys when I was younger. More serious and meaningful relationships with them women.
Jammin14580 Jammin14580
Originally posted by Avalee
What gender have you been in a relationship with most?
I have never been in a relationship with someone who wasn't female
col2717 col2717
I've always dated men and have casually dated one woman. When I am single, I am always seeking a woman and get frustrated finding a woman who is serious about dating. I live outside an urban city so it may be because I don't live in a heavily populated gay area (and Chicago is known for having an awesome Gay Male nightlife and very little for lesbians and females).
Claire de Cerises Claire de Cerises
I've only been in relationships with males. I didn't realize I was bisexual until I was already in my long-term relationship with my current boyfriend.
mrs poop. mrs poop.
For a very long time I identified as heteroromantic pansexual since I hadn't been in romantic relationships with folks other than cisgender men.

Don't get me wrong, I love ladies, but it was always physical.

(that's changed.)
BobbiJay BobbiJay
Only men.
Indigo Morada Indigo Morada
Pansexual, but much more into feminine people than masculine people. So naturally I lean toward women.
Toy Fiend Toy Fiend
I have dated both men and women. Each gender has its own benefits as far as relationships are concerned. I find that women are more emotionally attached than men.
voenne voenne
Males. I've dated women before, but never for very long-- I get afraid and not know what I'm doing anymore, as much as I may really be into them. When I go out with guys, I can kind of let go of that and let them do the pursuing/make the first move. I wish it wasn't just out of fear that I let that happen.
Apirka Apirka
I'm female and have only been in relationships with me, though I actually haven't had that many relationships to begin with...
Woman China Woman China
I like men!!! the manly men!! The men in tiiiiiiiights! Tight tights!!!

I do so love that movie!!!

I dated women in the past... but I do like my manly men!!!
Teacookie Teacookie
female with males. I would really adore having a bi boyfriend or a tranny or a dragqueen or a cross dresser. but I just get straights T_T curious about a girlfriend I have one right now but it's mostly non sexual.
leelee leelee
I'm female and with males
Snozzberries Snozzberries
Men but not for lack of trying. It just never seemed to be a good time for either of us when I wanted to date a girl.
ConnerJay ConnerJay
Female and have only been in relationships with females.
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