Who hits on you more?

FemmeFlo FemmeFlo
I tend to get hit on by men far more often than by women. Which is unfortunate, since that's not my preference.
KittiezToyz KittiezToyz
Mostly the opposite gender.
Moon20 Moon20
many girls have told me they had crushes on me girls have always been the most forward with me
llellsee llellsee
I've probably had an equal number of men and women flirt with me, though I am into women and my appearance likely reflects that. Being openly into women while active in a fetish scene and going to gay bars more than anything might have had alot to do with that.
other....no one hits on me XD
treehugger treehugger
I don't have a gender opposite of me, but guys hit on me more.
nimr nimr
I'm male and I thiiiink men hit on me more, but I'm not usually in social settings with strangers, so any of that tends to happen very rarely. It's also totally probable that men have just happened to be less subtle than women, and I've had an easier time reading their cues because those cues are more obvious.
SydneyScreams SydneyScreams
Originally posted by kdlt
As a bisexual, it's generally not obvious to the public that I'm attracted to people of all genders. Is there a specific gendered group of people that hit on you more often than the others?
Even when I've identified as lesbian instead of bi, I always get more males than females...
Pastafariette Pastafariette
Typically older men tend to hit on me, which is something that I do not appreciate.
TransMarc TransMarc
Men who think I'm the opposite gender.
curious kitten curious kitten
Although I am 100% straight, I have many friends that are otherwise. Most often I am hit on by men. I have had a few women friends that have told me that they are interested in me, if I ever change my mind. I take it as a compliment and we remain friends.
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