Gold Star Lesbians: what about trans* individuals?

nori nori

Just a quick question of the eden community. I consider myself a gold star lesbian- Since I have never had sex with a male identified individual.

For some people, the fact that one of my previous partners was a transwoman no longer makes me a gold-star.

What do you guys think?
Can you still be a 'Gold star' lesbian (Or gay man!) If one of your partners identified as trans?
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nori nori
I posted this in the incorrect subcatagory! This was supposed to go into Trans* Issues - my apologies.
matbug matbug
I think the whole concept of gold star lesbians to be really shaming and gross to be honest. But in answer to your question, a trans woman is still a woman, so you are still a "gold star lesbian" if you like that term. Anyone who says otherwise is a transphobic arsehole.
friendswithfangs friendswithfangs
yeah i agree with matbug completely. aside from the fact that obviously if you've only had sex with female-identified people then you havent had sex with a man, WHO CARES. the whole goldstar lesbian thing is a super grody idea to be prided for. stupid.
gothikstars gothikstars
I agree with the previous posters: the gold start thing is gross. Who's keeping score anyway? If it makes you feel better to call yourself a gold star lesbian, then do it. But don't let your value as a person reflect on a silly term.
Jan 1, 5:51 pm
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