lesbian movie, which is best?

Graniteal Graniteal
I am aware that there may be better ones out there, but out of these two, which one did you like best?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Better than Chocolate
EdenJP , jessi2 , mtmb , Nerdydyke , GONE! , Puss in Boots , charletnarouh , PirateofPenance , callsignhusker , Pantonality , caligaliber , lukas24 , NaturalWoman , pestilence , Falsepast , LoneOokami , treehugger , FrustratedFemme , mr115393
19  (83%)
Loving Annabelle
DeliciousSurprise , tom fay , altheasmarnella , smlove
4  (17%)
Total votes: 23
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jessi2 jessi2
I felt better able to relate to Better than chocolate
I looooove Better Than Chocolate.
DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
"Better"? That's very subjective. These are both films about what I'd consider unhealthy relationships (in Better than Chocolate Maggie has a screwed up relationship with her family/has a u-haul romance, and in Loving Annabelle there's clearly an abuse of power) so I can't really say there's a "good" or "bad" one.

I found Loving Annabelle to be the more poignant film, and the more masterfully done film, and it's one of my overall favorites.

I think Loving Chocolate is a better introductory film for a fledgling LGBT person, though; Loving Annabelle is just fucked up and painful and much better after you've had your heart broken a few times.
PirateofPenance PirateofPenance
Better than Chocolate is best.
callsignhusker callsignhusker
better than chocolate was much better in my opinion
Mia.The.Wonder.Slut Mia.The.Wonder.Slut
I haven't seen either of them.
Oh well, I can add them to my "must watch" list.
tom fay tom fay
I love both, but the student teacher thing is hot. And a lot of people arnt interested.. but the auto commentary is really funny aswell
altheasmarnella altheasmarnella
Originally posted by Graniteal
I am aware that there may be better ones out there, but out of these two, which one did you like best?
loving annabelle was my absolute fave before I saw "I Can't Think Straight"
JDear JDear
I like Show Me Love.
FrustratedFemme FrustratedFemme
I didn't like the acting in Loving Annabelle. That ruined it for me.
mr115393 mr115393
I think Better than Chocolate had a more interesting supporting cast. That's the only reason I prefer it. I didn't like the confused plot of BtC, but I loved the characters enough that I still enjoy watching it.
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