Have you come out (to family) of the gender closet? How did they take it?

radioboy radioboy
I did come out, and the most negative thing is that they keep referring to me with the wrong pronouns.
My parents use my preferred pronouns, but my extended family doesn't
Boyqueen Boyqueen
I've come out and while they accept me they don't support me.
spicyjjang spicyjjang
I haven't yet. As money-grubbing as it sounds, I've decided to at least finish my education (family is currently helping to foot the bill) and get my own job before telling them. They're quite conservative so I'm not having any high hopes about it, and I'd rather be prepared for that day if it goes badly than blurt it out now.
hanjonatan hanjonatan
i came out to my parents ten years ago, when i was 17. it didn't go particularly well, but in the past couple of years they've come around. i held off on telling my siblings for a few years because of how my dad reacted (they're my half siblings, we didn't grow up together and i don't see them very often), but they've been very supportive recently also.
PoppyTraille PoppyTraille
They say they're fine with whatever my sexuality is, but I know they'd prefer me to be straight. :/
xxjoel xxjoel
My mom was cool, my dad was a dick about it. It was lame because he's usually my main man.
Phosphorous Tick Phosphorous Tick
"it's like watching a dog transform in to a cat. Freakish and wrong." Says my father about a trans person he knows.
And then I kept my mouth shut and let them believe I was a lesbian.
TransMarc TransMarc
I think I'm gonna wait until my mother die or we cut bridges to transition. She forced me to come out as bisexual and I can see from her reactions to me having trans* friends that she would be disrespectful knowing it. Also, she has been abusive before when I was a pre-teen/teen, so... I don't want anymore persons telling me it's legitimate and understandable that someone beat me because I have a panic attack and "it's difficult for her, she must not know what to do" (WHAT ABOUT LISTENING TO THE PERSON HAVING THE PANIC ATTACK AND FOLLOWING THEIR DIRECTIVES OR ASKING THEM WHAT TO DO, YOU ILLOGICAL BANANAS?) or apply the same shit logic to me being trans*.
Edit: I mean, I told her I was doing something and she wanted to know if the person, who does not identify as a boy or girl, was a boy or girl and I wanted to be honest because she asked me where I could have met that kind of person and then she forced me to come out.
TransGuy14 TransGuy14
Out to parents/sibling/aunts/ uncles/grandmothers, but no farther than that. Some are better than others, parents have been making huge positive strides lately
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