If you've gotten a packer ...

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If you have your own packer, would you share a little about it? When did you get it, what style, how is it holding up?
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pestilence pestilence
I have an extra-small Mocha Mr. Limpy (I don't like the look of pink cocks, though I've since hear you can modify the color of the Vanilla version). I haven't used it outside the house very much because I'm terrified of looking like I have a boner (I often wear skinny jeans, which doesn't help). I tied the shaft down to the balls with embroidery floss, and that helps a bit. For me, the boner problems are worth having a smaller shaft, but that might not be the case for others. I love the feel and texture of it, though I'm worried about stretching it too much for fear that it'll tear.

I've only had it for a few weeks now, and I haven't been wearing it regularly, so it's still in pretty much the same condition it arrived in.
Aries Aries
Got the Mr. Limpy small. I don't have a real harness so that can be difficult but it seems to fit okay. It's a bit big but it's not too uncomfortable unless it slides around. It seems to be holding up okay so far but it's only been about a week. I haven't tried cleaning it yet because I don't have cornstarch yet but I will soon.
jesseftm jesseftm
I have the GV sailor (the smaller one) and a mr. Limpy x-small with the medicine spoon style stp and a Peecock. I like the look/feel of the sailor the most but not actually when I'm packing with it. I never use the Mr. Limpy anymore because I can't figure out how anyone can stand a medicine spoon poking them all day. Now I pack with my Peecock all the time (and usually pee with it). I actually got it from a friend who wasn't happy with it (it's 100% silicone so it wasn't gross or anything). It's also for playing as it comes with an erection rod. Since it's hollow so you can pee through it I find the bulge I get with it is the size I want. I keep it in place in packing underwear that I've made or a pair I bought from Tranzwear. I've had the Peecock since sometime this last summer but just recently started using it regularly.
Chirple Chirple
When I was shopping around the Peecock looked awesome.

I have the Mr. Limpy XS, though ( link ), haven't had it for a long time so I can't comment on durability. But it was really cheap and does the job. I never wear it with the shaft right over the balls because it just looks too boner-y on my frame, but with it to the side like in the pictures, I feel it looks fine under any kind of attire.
Andrew1992 Andrew1992
I really like the Mr. Limpy XS. I'm not trying to impress anyone haha.
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