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MamaDivine MamaDivine
My friend and I are stuck with trying to figure out a name for our blog. its driving us bonkers! We can't seem to agree on anything and we NEED a name by the end of this weekend. We need help! So, I have posted a few things below to choose from. What sounds best? Our blog contains: Couponing, Giveaways, Reviews, Family fun, Handmade/homemade items-solutions and products,kids/babies, Weekly match ups (for coupons w/sales deals), And everything in between. What words do you like best, or sound the best for a title. I want something that sounds "professional" as we are taking this to a "business level", but I want something also fun and memorable. What words work best? (If you decide to leave ideas....they can be descriptive words or a full name..either way, we're dying over here ..we'll take anything lol)
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"Fab Grabulous" (Fabulous Grabs)
Frugally Insane
Insanely Frugal
For the Frugally Insane
*Other* Please leave comment on your best idea for our blog name!
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Badass Badass
I like Fantabulous, but I LOVE Fab Grabs
Teacookie Teacookie
Isane with Home frugal
ellejay ellejay
I think Fab Grabulous sounds cute and catchy!
MamaDivine MamaDivine
Thanks for the input everyone!
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